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It's PRIDE Month! Why is Pride important?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Why is pride so important?

Today, June 1st , marks the start of International Pride Month. So, with Pride Month kicking off let’s talk about what’s so important about pride and how we discuss pride with others in our community.

To start we should probably look at the most important question and that is what is Pride and why are gay people always talking about it? Well simply put pride is short for LGBTIAQ+ Pride, and it’s not just gay people that think pride is important.

Pride is for everyone, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered people, Intersex people, Asexual people, Queer people, as well as allies and everyone else, because everyone deserves to be proud of who they are no matter their differences. Everyone is different and unique in their own special ways.

So, Pride is about celebrating these differences, recognising each other as uniquely different and special human beings and being proud of how unique we are. In the past difference was not celebrated. Even today some people still try to make other people ashamed of being different. This is usually because they are afraid of their own difference, so they draw attention to other people’s uniqueness to hide their own.

Pride helps to combat this by celebrating difference. Pride teaches everyone that being different is a good thing, being unique is something to celebrate because difference and uniqueness are what makes us special.

So how will you be celebrating Pride Month this year? How will you embrace your own uniqueness? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts!

I'm also interesting in hearing from you about how important you believe it is to care for your own mental health. To let me know click the link below and fill out the short three question survey below. All information is strictly confidential and NEVER given to any third parties.

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