Get to Know Me

As a young gay man like so many others in the queer community I experienced a great many difficulties finding my authentic self. Trauma was a regular part of my life for so long that I had begun to accept it as my normal. It wasn’t until I experienced profound trauma while working at a service station that I began my journey through counselling to realise my authentic self.

            It was through counselling I started to explore who I was and really ask myself important questions like “Why was I allowing trauma to dictate so much of my life” and “What current behaviours are shaped by that trauma and how do I change them” and most importantly “How do I reclaim my authentic self after all that I’ve been through”.

            Counselling not only prompted me to ask these questions, but it also helped me to find my own answers to these and many other questions I had as well. As I underwent this discovery of self, I came to the realisation that I wanted to help others reclaim their authentic self so they too could move through their trauma and discover their true purpose in life just like I have.

            That led me to where I am today, about to finish my master’s degree in counselling after having graduated a bachelor in psychological science majoring in advanced psychology and running my very own counselling business helping others as they take their first steps to reclaiming their authentic self.