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Welcome to Rowan Tree Counselling. Rowan Tree Counselling is a service for gay, trans, bisexual and questioning men who are feeling stuck in the present moment and wondering what the next steps in their journey could be.

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Smiling Man with a Headset
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Feeling Ignored?

If you're feeling invisible or ignored by society. Rowan Tree Counselling can help.

Wondering whats next?

Approaching later life but still want to feel valued? Rowan Tree Counselling can help.


Not quite sure of your sexuality or how it fits in with  the rest of your identity? Rowan Tree Counselling can help.

Need to feel safe?

Just needing a safe place to talk about your sexual orientation and issues relating to it? Rowan Tree Counselling can help.

Why Choose Rowan Tree Counselling?


Lived experience means you know I understand because I've been there too.


A Bachelor in Psychology majoring in Advanced Psychology and a Masters in Counselling means you get a professional service from someone with qualified skills.


Online or In-person counselling means you get to choose where you feel safest.


Optional Animal Assisted Therapy means you can have a chat and unwind with some furry friends

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